Students List
Renato Menegatti
Jonathan Eugene Tallant
Caio Bruno Wetterich
Jorge Douglas Massayuki Kondo
Luís Felipe Gonçalves

Luís Gustavo Marcassa

Full Professor

PhD in Physics (1995 - USP Brazil)
Postdoc at University of Michigan (1996 USA)
Postdoc at MIT (2005 USA)

Research areas

Cooling and trapping atoms
Cold Collisions
Cold Molecules
Cold Rydberg Atoms
Spectroscopy Applied to Agriculture

My research goal is to understand interaction among cold trapped atoms. Such studies are performed using cold Rydberg atoms as well as heteronuclear atomic samples in optical dipole traps. In the Rydberg experiment, long range potentials are responsible for state population transfer. By studying such process, we may obtain information on the potentials. In the heteronuclear sample experiment, our goal is to photoassociate KRb molecules and trap them in an optical dipole trap. We are apply spectroscopy techniques to agriculture problems.


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