Photonics Group

Laboratory of Ultrashort Pulses

In the Laboratory of Ultrashort Pulses, 30-fs laser pulses generated in a Ti:Sapphire multi-pass amplifier are used to study nonlinear optical processes. Besides the high intensity, such pulses present a broad spectral band that allows pulse shaping (phase manipulation of pulse´s spectral components). In our group, for instance, the control and manipulation of the pulse shape are allied to a closed-loop evolutionary algorithm (genetic algorithm) to investigate details of the light-matter interaction in the nonlinear regime. Therefore, this type of research – pulse shaping and quantum control of optical process – is fundamental for the generation of new technology, also including aspect of great interest in the basic physics point of view. Furthermore, such intense infrared laser pulses are also used to perfume high harmonic generation on gas filled capillary using wave-mixing. In this case, we have been working on applying pulse shaping to control, indirectly, the harmonic phase

This laboratory counts with Ti:Sapphire laser amplifier systems (2 mJ and 1 kHz), delivering 30-fs pulses centered at 800 nm. Wavelenght tunnability is acchieved by means of Optical Parametric Amplifiers pumped by the Ti:Sapphire laser.