Photonics Group

Laboratoty of fs-laser Microfabrication

Ultrashort laser microfabrication has been receiving considerable attention because of its precision and ability to structure materials in three dimensions, allowing the development of application from photonics to biology. In the Laboratory of Microfabrication of the Photonics Group, fs-laser pulses are used to microstructure materials, taking advantage of nonlinear optical interactions. In addition to the use of ultrashort laser pulses to ablate or modify structural properties of materials, two-photon absorption polymerization is also used to building three-dimensional structures. Such approach provides resolution in the nanometer scale, relative high production speed, and ability to create complex three-dimensional structures. In addition, we have been working in doping materials into the resin, including dyes, metals and ceramics, enhancing the properties of the final structure.

The laboratory counts with a Ti:Sapphire laser oscillator (5 nJ and 80 MHz), delivering fs-pulses at 800 nm, that is used for the two-photon polymerization. A long cavity Ti:Sapphire laser oscillator (100 nJ, 5 MHz, 50 fs and 800 nm) is used for the fs-laser micromachining. Besides, the laboratory counts with a table top SEM, a confocal microscope and a AFM.