Photonics Group

Former Members

Nathália Beretta Tomazio

Nathália graduated with a B.S. in Physics with emphasis in Optics and Photonics in 2013 and received her M.S. degree (2016) and her Ph.D. degree (2020) in Physics from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Cleber R. Mendonca. Her research is focused on the study and development of polymeric photonic microstructures fabricated by direct laser writing via two-photon polymerization. Since her Masters, she has been working with whispering gallery mode microresonators, pushing forward their quality factor and studying optical processes in microresonators incorporated with different materials to enable applications in Photonics. Her experience with such microresonators includes fabrication, light coupling, characterization of their quality factor and modeling of mechanisms that affect their modal behavior. In addition, she participated in two international collaboration projects to extend her knowledge on experimental setups to couple light to microresonators (Universitat of València) and to get familiarized with optimization tools to automate the design of arbitrary nanophotonic devices and with a commercial system of 3D nanofabrication (Columbia University).

Research areas

    • femtosecond laser micro/nanofabrication
    • photonic devices
    • nonlinear optics