Photonics Group

History of the Group

In 2003, three faculty members of the former Optics group (Prof. Sergio C. Zilio, Prof. Maximo S. Li and Prof. Cleber R. Mendonca) of the São Carlos Institute of Physics - University of São Paulo, led by Prof. S. C. Zilio, created the Photonics Group with the purpose of focusing in research projects related to nonlinear optics.

Shortly after, in 2005, they recognized the importance of starting a more ambitious program towards ultrashort laser pulses, dealing with pulse-shaping and coherent control of the light matter interaction, mainly in view of the country needs in that particular area.

This research area was further strengthened when Prof. Lino Misoguti joined the Photonics Group in 2008, also starting a new research line in high harmonic generation. As a natural consequence of the good results achieved in nonlinear optics spectroscopy and ultrashort laser pulses, the group decided to broaden its research lines by investing in fs-laser micromachining and microfabrication, an initiative that began in 2008.

In 2010, the Photonics group accomplished another growth in its research area, when Prof. Luis G. Marcassa joined the group, bringing along the laboratory of atomic interactions, whose goal is to understand interaction among cold trapped atoms (cold Rydberg atoms and heteronuclear atomic samples).

Therefore, nowadays the Photonics Group comprises diverse research activities in materials´ science, nonlinear optics, ultra-short laser pulses and atomic and molecular physics, with a high qualified team of researchers.

History the Group