Photonics Group

About the Group

The purpose of the Photonics Group is to develop fundamental science and applied technology, besides fostering wider interdisciplinary collaborations. Programmatic efforts are focused on exploiting those applications that use the laser as a tool in many fields of inquiry. Outreach programs to encourage students to become involved with science education at an early stage, and programs to transfer technology into the market place have a high priority.

The Photonics Group strives to maintain a highly congenial intellectual environment. A group of three full-time faculty members, together with external collaborators, visiting professors, post-doctoral fellows, several graduate and undergraduate students from various disciplines conduct their research in 560 square meters of contiguous laboratories and offices. This multidisciplinary setting provides an exceptional training ground for the students since they are constantly exposed to the latest scientific ideas and surrounded by fine equipment and expertise. An agile administrative and technical staff gives the necessary assistance to the researchers. Furthermore, an already existing optics shop that produces all necessary optical components and systems supports the activities developed by the Group. We also have a very strong international exchange program, which will enable us to keep up with the latest developments in the area.

The Photonics Group engages in three principal activities:

- a broadly based multidisciplinary research program in nonlinear optics, optical storage, materials, instrumentation and applications,

- education and science dissemination programs involving outreach to students of high-school age and to adults of all backgrounds, and training for technicians in specific optical processes, and

- an industrial associates program, where partnerships formed with small high-tech industries in the field of Optics allow these companies to incorporate research results into their products, and provide conditions for the creation of new spin-off industries.